Islands in and around Pattaya
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Koh Larn (Coral Island)

Coral Island is the largest of the islands which can be reached from Bali Hai Pier and is the only one with a resident population. There are a few small hotels, both in the village around the main pier - Na Ban - and around the larger of the island’s beaches. There are six main beaches: Samae, Tien and Tawaen beaches all have accommodation options while Naul, Tonglang and Tayaiy beaches have bars and restaurants.

Coral Island has a small network of paved roads and plenty of songtaews and motorbike taxis to get you around the best beaches. There is a regular ferry between Bali Hai Pier and Na Ban, which takes about 35 minutes and 30 baht per person each way.

Koh Sak

Once a private resort visited by the rich and famous, the U-shaped island has very little more than two beautiful beaches with a path between them. The northern beach, on the inside of the crescent of land, is about 250m long and very popular for sunbathing and swimming and even has a few small restaurants. Diving tours regularly visit the coral reefs and the artificial shipwreck nearby. If you want to take a trip through history, walk along the path through the middle of the island, where you will find footprints left in concrete by famous feet, including Neil Armstrong’s just a few months after he came back from the moon!

The only way to reach Koh Sak is by speedboat charter from Bali Hai Pier.

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